An Afghan Polaroid Project!

I received a project camera from a friend of mine today that I’m really excited to get working again. The camera is a Glossick camera. There’s next to no information on the interwebs about it but essentially, this is the concept:

The camera is a manufactured version of a hand made camera from Afghanistan called a kamra-e-faoree. What’s interesting about these cameras is the photos are exposed, not onto film, but directly onto a sheet of black and white photographic paper. Instead of taking it to be processed somewhere, ie back to your darkroom, the camera functions as both. Once exposing the sheet of paper, it is the processed in traditional chemicals that are also in the camera. You slide your hand into the camera through a light tight kind of bag and then dunk the paper into two chemistries. Once the development process is stopped, you can safely take the paper out and wash and dry it outside of the camera.

Depending on which paper you used, you either got a positive print the first try, or you got a negative print that you would then photograph again with the camera and process to get your positive image.

This camera seems to be mostly complete. I’m not sure if the lens can be salvaged, but I think I can retrofit a replacement if I need to.

I’ll keep updating the blog as my progress continues, but this is what the camera looks like to start with!


Glossick Camera



Inside View